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Power Paste 50ml

Super Strong Matte Hold
PKR 735

Triple X Gel 200ml

Wet Look, Ultimate Hold & Shine
PKR 1575

Triple X Gel 50ml

Wet Look, Ultimate Hold & Shine
PKR 800

Dry Texturizer Spray 200ml

For Volume & Tousled Texture
PKR 2160

Dry Paste 75ml

Matte Styling Paste
PKR 2500

Dry Shampoo 200ml

Dry Spray Shampoo
PKR 2015

Dry Conditioner 200ml

Dry Conditioning Spray
PKR 2285

Moroccan Argan Oil 45ml

For Thick, Coarse Hair
PKR 2090

Moroccan Argan Oil 10ml

For Thick, Coarse Hair
PKR 1060

SP-Defrizz Shine Serum 50ml

Controls Frizz
PKR 2095

Hair Foam Strong 185ml

Volume, Natural Shine
PKR 2095

Texture Spray 200ml

Sculpts & Shapes Hair
PKR 2095

Curl Enhancer 150ml

Define Curls
PKR 2095

Modulation Gel 200ml

Ultra-Strong Styling Gel
PKR 2095

Molding Mud 100ml

Restylable Sculpting Mud
PKR 2095

Freestyle Spray 500ml

Easy To Brush Out Hold
PKR 2375