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Ultimate Cover Dark Choco Blonde 6.35

Ultimate Cover Dark Choco Blonde 6.35 60ml

PKR 650 PKR 720
Dark Choco Blonde

Key Features

Deeper/stronger penetration of pigments in resistant grey hair

Tinta Ultimate Cover is a range of grey coverage shades with natural and fashion shades. Ultimate Cover age in a single tube, without mixing shades. Specially developed for clients with 50% or more grey hair. Tinta Ultimate Cover contains nourishing ceramides that help to soften stubborn grey hair, with 13 beautiful shades that complement every skin tone.

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DIMENSIONS: 31mm x 41mm x 152mm | WEIGHT: 82(GM)

Usage Directions

30-40 minutes Process time with mixing ratio of 1:1


It contain Ceramides, Silk Protein& Solamer (UV protection)

Step by Step

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