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After Color Balsam

After Color Balsam 1000ml

PKR 2335

Key Features

We made Tinta Color Care Conditoner for hair that’s been colored with our professional Tinta lineup

A treatment with Tinta After Color Balsam is the next step after a treatment with Tinta After Color Shampoo. Tinta After Color Balsam contains natural Citric Acid which closes the hair’s cuticle and leaves the hair easy to manage. The balsam has a pH value of 4. Vitamin E stops the oxidation process after termination of the treatment. Silk Protein gives the hair softness and shine, while cationactive material conditions the hair and makes it easier to comb. A UV-filter protects the hair from damaging UV-rays, which prevents premature fadage. Because of the low pH value, a treatment with Tinta After Color Shampoo and Balsam is only recommended immediately afterthe color treatment. It is not meant for home use.

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DIMENSIONS: 53mm x 112mm x 244mm | WEIGHT: 1120(GM)

Usage Directions

Apply after cleansing with Silver Savior Shampoo for even more toning. Leave in for one to three minutes and rinse thoroughly.


The shampoo and balsam for salon use are more acidic than the home use products. The shampoo has mild cleansing characteristics. LP 300 protects the hair. Silk proteins and the cation active polymers make the hair soft and easy to comb. The balsam locks the color pigments in the hair. The UV filter protects the color from fading caused by sunlight. Silk proteins leave the hair easy to manage.

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