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Developer 20 Volume

Developer 20 Volume 1000ml

PKR 3400

Key Features

It has extra stability, so the Hydrogen Peroxide percentage will remain the, same, even at high temperatures

Keune So Pure Natural Balance Developer is the developer for Keune So Pure Color. So Pure Color is our ammonia-free color range with naturally nourishing colors and beautifully scented products – featuring organic argan jasmine and sandalwood oils. This line includes pure products for natural and fashion colors.We offer up to 100% grey coverage and long lasting colors. The mild yet effective formulation also contains phytokeratin – in a coconut base so colors don’t stain the scalp.

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DIMENSIONS: 53mm x 112mm x 244mm | WEIGHT: 1114(GM)

Usage Directions

Use the Ratio according which is 1:1


The main active ingredient in So Pure Color Developer is Hydrogen Peroxide

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