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So Pure Color Care Essential Oil

So Pure Color Care Essential Oil 10ml

PKR 4560

Key Features

Enhances the effects of the other products. Aroma treatment and experience

OK, we demand a lot of our products – and So Pure Color Care Leave-in Spray keeps its promise. To do more of what we love from Keune, all at once. In fact, it’s the ideal multitasker for color-treated hair. While that beautifully colored hair is out and about doing its thing, this spray is moisturizing, strengthening, balancing, detangling – and protecting hair from those color-killing UV rays. So hair keeps on shining, and smells lovely, too.

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DIMENSIONS: 33mm x 83mm x 91mm | WEIGHT: 60(GM)

Usage Directions

Apply a few drops of essential oil to a hot towel and place the towel on your forehead.


Moroccan argan oil:, Jasmine and sandalwood oil, Sunflower seed extract and amylose

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