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So Pure Color Care Leave In Spray

So Pure Color Care Leave In Spray 200ml

PKR 2955

Key Features

Sunflower Seed extract prevents the color from fading. Jasmine and Sandalwood essential oils provide smooth, creamy aromatherapy with a subtle woody scent.

So Pure Exfoliating Shampoo is our first step in banning itching and dandruff, stimulating circulation – and preventing those annoying flakes from coming back. We do that gently, with a targeted blend of organic oils and plant extracts. Including tea tree and willow bark extract, to help get the scalp back into flake-free shape. The result is healthy, thick and shiny hair that is free of dandruff. But more important, So Pure Exfoliating Shampoo helps restore the natural balance of the scalp, so dandruff becomes a thing of the past.

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DIMENSIONS: 41mm x 41mm x 172mm | WEIGHT: 234(GM)

Usage Directions

Spray on lengths and ends and leave in. For daily use.


Moroccan argan oil, Jasmine and sandalwood oil, Sunflower seed extract and amylose

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