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So Pure Exfoliating Treatment

So Pure Exfoliating Treatment 100ml

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Key Features

Tea Tree & Lavender aromatherapy Enriched with certified organic Argan Oil

Scratching you head doesn’t always mean you’re thinking deep thoughts – unless it’s thoughts about annoying dandruff. Scrub it away, gently, with So Pure Exfoliating Treatment. Just apply, massage – and comb those flakes away. We tapped into the natural power of organic tea tree, lavender and willow bark oils – famed for their ability to soothe and regulate scalp health. Shea butter and argan oil nourish and hydrate, leaving hair healthy, too.

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DIMENSIONS: 90mm x 120mm x 160mm | WEIGHT: 750(GM)

Usage Directions

Exfoliating scrub treatment. Exfoliates the scalp and conditions the hair. Apply to wet hair, massage scalp and leave for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. 


Tea Tree, Lavender & Argan Oil

Step by Step

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