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Moonlight Kit Box 240ml

PKR 2330

Key Features


Tinita Color 7.35

Tinta Color 7.38

Developer 20 Volume

Developer 30 Volume

Large Brush

Mixing Bowl


Recipe Card

Service Voucher

The Moonlight
Second Trend of Keune Capsule Collection
'The Current 2021-22'

Sadia Khan is carrying Moonlight Color Trend which is all about complimenting her strength and courage while adding radiance to it through exposure to the true joy of moonlight at night.

As always, we’ve been keeping our eyes and ears open for fashion trends – and of course, up-and-coming hair trends. Fast fashion is making way for capsule wardrobes. Women and men’s hairstyles are being cut to look great for longer. And colors are more subdued. With healthy, shiny hair, volume – and a surprising touch of Natural Light.

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DIMENSIONS: 320mm x 260mm x 65mm | WEIGHT: 290(GM)

Usage Directions

included in the kit box


It contains Silk Protein& Solamer (UV protection)

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